How to View Blink XT Cameras on Your Computer

How to View Blink  XT Cameras on Your Computer

Are you having problems viewing Blink XT camerasOpens in a new tab. on a computer?

This is most likely because Blink XT, which was recently bought by Amazon, doesn’t have an automatic way to view their cameras from a computer presently. 

According to the Blink Support Forums, this isn’t possible as they don’t have any software which will let you view them directly from your computer.

That said, I have found that there are ways to accomplish this with an emulator depending on your computer and just how powerful it is. There is a vast variety of android emulators that will permit you to do this. However, if you’ve only got a small computer then the methods I’ll discuss here will most likely, not work for you.

What is an Emulator?

An Android emulatorOpens in a new tab. is a digital device program that you install on your computer. It emulates the surroundings of the phone or tablet computer. It’s possible to use an Android emulator for a platform to run and examine your own Android applications on your computer.

All You Have to Know about Blink XT

Blink Camera Ratings

A boundless and really wireless experience. The Amazon company Blink is a safe bet for low-maintenance, cheap, and completely wire-free home security. Simply pop in the batteries and they’ll last for two years. Oh, and did we mention that Blink will be rolling out whole-home security packages. Here’s all that Blink has to offer:


  • No contracts
  • A reduced monthly fee for a premium home safety program
  • Native integration with Amazon Alexa
  • IFTTT Integration
  • Low upkeep hardware
  • Cheap hardware prices
  • Great for renters with its simple installment


  • Limited hardware alternatives
  • Lack of advanced security features
  • Requires some specialized understanding to incorporate with home automation solutions
  • Hardware price can add up for bigger homes

Getting to Know Blink

Blink got its start with 7,000 backers and a campaign that earned over $1 million, through Kickstarter. They started their devices in 2016 and sent out 250,000 devices annually.

Blink places itself as a plug-and-play home security option that is straightforward and simple. You do not need to decode a lot of plans or choose between an infinite range of identical home security devices.

One of the benefits of using this organization’s devices is that the batteries last for a couple of decades and can be replaced. You don’t have to recharge your devices on a regular basis or worry about missing an important alert because of a lack of power.

Along with the stand-alone cameras that Blink provides, you can also get a complete home security systemOpens in a new tab. known as “Security”. In addition to these Blink camerasOpens in a new tab., this bundle also contains an array of sensors for added protection.

Hardware pricing is also pretty attractive, which makes this an alternative for anybody looking for a reliable and multifunctional security system for their home.

Tech Specifications 

Two-Year Replaceable Battery

Blink devices utilize 2 AA lithium-ion batteries with a mean lifespan of two decades. When the devices run out of electricity, you can replace the batteries.

Third-Party Integration

Blink might not have home automation features but the integration gives you a ton of alternatives. Amazon Alexa is encouraged if you have an Echo or an Echo Dot. The home security devices also support IFTTT (If This, Then), which lets you create automated actions between your Blink devices and smart home devices such as August LocksOpens in a new tab. and Philips Hue.

Mobile Alerts

The motion sensors on the Blink devices push alerts to your cellular devices so you can change to the live camera view and find out what’s going on. Even though the 720p HD video isn’t the highest quality resolution in the home safety world, it will get the work done. The program supports 10 Blink devices per Sync module, which lets you view a number of properties. When the motion detection feature is triggered, the machine makes a video clip.

Night Vision

Criminals aren’t bold enough to organize their break-is when the sun is out. Night vision mode on the cameras keeps them in your view even when they try to operate in the cover of night. The XT has infrared while the model has illumination.

Instant On

You won’t miss out on any activity using the Instant On feature, which turns on video recording.

Auto-arm/Disarm Function

Optimize your Blink alarm schedule so you don’t need to manually configure it when you are likely to be home.


The Blink clearly reveals when it’s recording or when Live View is triggered, so you don’t have to worry about giving up your privacy just to safeguard your home.

Voice Control

Amazon Alexa has service for Blink built-in. You disarm an arm and get info.

Is It Easy to Use?

You don’t have to worry about any wires, so setting up your Blink home security devices is a process that is straightforward and streamlined. Scan the barcode on your device and you are all set to go! The cellular app gives you convenient and centralized control within your Blink devices. This configuration is particularly helpful for renters who could be not able to use hardwired home security devices and complex installations.

The Client Service Experience

Amazon is a brand that is known for its customer support, therefore it’s not surprising that you have several options available once you have questions and concerns. The knowledge base and user communityOpens in a new tab. will be the options, suitable for fundamental questions. If you require expert help, you call their 24/7 support line or submit a support ticket.

Stacking the Value

Blink has two main product lines — the subscription-free Blink cameras as well as the organization’s “Security” hardware, which includes two top plans.

Blink security cameras also have cloud storage bundled together with them. The hardware cost is fair, and you get a lot of features without subscribing to a monthly program. The basic support level supports movement detection, and connectivity, scheduled and manual arming and disarming of the system.

The most recent product line, “SecurityOpens in a new tab.“, has a hardware package for new customers and one for people already using Blink. This home security gear covers the basic Blink cameras and can be enhanced using programs.

The $9.99 a month program supports all Blink hardware. 4G access and wi-Fi are available for link-type 911 alerts to get help quickly when they are needed, geofencing for motion analytics, user accounts that are multi-tier, and custom alarms.

The $19.99 plan includes all of these features and an added 24/7 professional monitoring. They will call you in the event the tracking team discovers a situation where you may need emergency services.


The “Safety” bundle has a lot of parts of included gear for an affordable price, and this pricing is further reduced for existing clients.

Improved Sync Module: 

The Sync Module permits you to sync Blink equipment together to discuss an arming and disarming program.


Deter criminals by triggering a 10-decibel alarm. 

Entry Sensors: 

Track if your doors or windows were opened.


Arm and disarm your”Safety” system easily. It is also possible to enable friends and family members to work with the machine.

Other Blink features need equipment purchases and also do not require a plan.

Add-on Equipment

Many Blink home safety hardware are bought on an ad-hoc basis for a variety of functions. Should you buy larger amounts of cameras, you can push the price.

Blink CameraOpens in a new tab.

This indoor security camera does not have any wires, works off of a two-wheeled battery and gives a live video feed that shows you exactly what’s going on. Motion and temperature sensors monitor relevant data and activate alerts as needed. It also supports two-way talk.

Blink XT CameraOpens in a new tab.

The Blink XT is your outdoor version of the previous camera, and it adds weather immunity to the features listed. You can get a set with a single camera and the Sync module. You’re able to add cameras to it for extra.

Blink Video Doorbell

The Blink Video Doorbell adds home automation to the mix and gives you an additional layer of protection for your home. It is battery-powered like other Blink devices and attributes two-way audio, motion detection, infrared night vision and weatherproof. The price is not available for this particular device, as it is an upcoming product by Blink.


Blink Camera CoversOpens in a new tab. — Various colors available.

Blink Camera MountsOpens in a new tab. — Currently out of stock as of this review.

‘Safe by Blink’ Stickers — Let the neighborhood know that you’re protected with these bold decals.

‘Protected by Blink’ Yard Sign and two Sticker Set

How to View Blink XT Cameras on my Computer: How Do All These Work With Blink XT?

You can easily set up an android emulator such as the Bluestacks App PlayerOpens in a new tab., or NOXOpens in a new tab.. Once you’ve got one installed it will have you log in to a Google Account.  This can, in turn, allow you to access the Google Play Store then you can set up the Blink XT app to look at your cameras.

If you are using a lot of Blink cameras to monitor several locations and you don’t want to log in to different accounts all of the time, the NOX program will fit your requirements better. Once you install Nox in your computer it allows 6 cases of the software to open by logging in to many distinct accounts.

I will examine the setup instructions for the two Bluestacks and Nox briefly.

How Do I Install Bluestacks Android Emulator?

  1. To kick this off you need to download the BlueStacks setup file.
  2. After you have it downloaded, just double-click the installation file then click “Continue”.
  3. Now, click the “Install” button.
  4. The installation may take a couple of minutes depending on how fast your computer is.
  5. It will then ask you to log into your Google account after installation is complete.
  6. Once you log in to your Google account Click the search bar at the top and type in Blink XT
  7. Click Install.
  8. Once installed it will ask you to log into the Blink XT environment.
  9. Use the Blink XT app as you would use your smartphone or tablet.

How Do I Install NOX Android Emulator?

Heads up, you’ll need to get a powerful computer. This videoOpens in a new tab. will give you a full tutorial and step-by-step instructions about the best way best to establish the NOX Program player in detail.


I’ve read a lot of complaints from people on forums about the lack of assistance from Blink XT on this subject.

I am certain that Blink is working on several aspects of its system to develop a better product for the users. All it took was a couple of minutes of research to come up with this answer.

So I thought I’d take some opportunity to talk about it with you personally. Please share the article with others who may be struggling with the exact same problem.


Are Blink XT cameras any good?

The Blink is an indoor-only camera, so its features are more basic—but the XT is weatherproof, so you can use it inside or outside. (Plus, it has infrared night vision. Both the Blink and Blink XT use the same sync module.

How does Blink XT camera work?

The Sync Module is one of the reasons why Blink has such long battery life. Instead of connecting directly to your Wi-Fi network, Blink and Blink XT rely on the Sync Module for communication. It’s responsible for streaming videos, sending clips to the cloud, and sending app commands to your Blink cameras

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