How to Organise a Garage on a Tight Budget

How to Organise a Garage on a Tight Budget

Organizing your garage makes it super easy for you to find things in your garage. 

Do you have a small budget with a big dream? Hang on, let’s show you how to beautifully organize your garage no matter what your budget is.

So, today, I’m going to be showing you how to organize your garage on a tight budget!

How To Organize Your Garage

It is really possible for you to organize your garage on a tight budget, but must have an adequate plan and be innovative with what you already have. 

You have to put all the items that you store in the garage into use.

Declutter Your Garage

Start by emptying your garage! Yes, take every single thing out. 

This is probably the most intimidating step. Standing there and looking at your cluttered garage and thinking about how long it’s going to take you to get everything out, can be very overwhelming but I tell you, an empty garage can be very inspiring 

To make your work easier, be sure not to dump everything outside just like that, no, please don’t do that.

As you take the items outside, keep them in an organized sort of way; categorize the items, and put like items together; all the toys should be in one place.

This way, it’s easier for you, when you start organizing and storing the items.

Vacuum Your Garage

Before you start packing everything back inside your garage, you want to make sure that everything is cleaned.

Sweep/vacuum your garage properly, including your shelves and cabinets, if you already have, and start on a clean slate. How about that?

Categorize Your Items

Definitely, you don’t use all the items in your garage. 

Sort out all those items carefully and categorized them into the following:

Keep/Yes Items

These are items you still have need of and use. These include items that you can’t easily buy or rent and items that you have used at least once in the last year.

Remember, don’t just store these items, use them.

Trash/No Items

These are items that you no longer have need of.

Don’t hang onto items you really have no need of, please let them go, especially those items you can easily and cheaply replace, if and when needed.

These items, you can either trash or donate them.

Not so sure/Maybe Items

These are items you are not so sure about. Items that you might need in the future. They might even be your spouse or kids’ items that you are not sure if they still need.

Organize Your Items

Organize your items inside your garage by creating zones for various items and categorizing them into different sections like DIY project sections, foodstuffs sections, etc.

Consolidate like items by keeping similar items together, for quick and easy access.

Maximize Your Garage Walls

You have to maximize your garage wall to create space on the floor.

To beautifully maximize your garage was you can use either of the following or even all;

Use Shelves

You can put up shelves and store things right on top of themselves.

Here is a video on how to make an easy and cheap shelf:

Use Pegboards

Organize your tools on a pegboardOpens in a new tab. for easy access to these tools.

A pegboard helps you get wall control. It is solid and can hold whatever it is you need it for, including tons of tools.

Using a pegboard to organize a wall of depository can make it simple to try out several structures that will allow you to see all your tools and other valuable belongings that you wish to have access to as you use your recently cleared space in your garage.

A pegboard is one of the best options for arranging smaller devices, like hammers, wrenches, drills, and the likes.

Use Tracks with Clamps

You can also purchase, and install tracks with clampsOpens in a new tab. on the wall for storing your poles, mops, and brooms.

Use Wall-Mounted Hooks

Using a Wall-mounted hook is a very good way of arranging your tools for easy access.

These are used to hang items and keep them off the ground.

These hooks can be situated anywhere, you can mount them into wall pillars so they can hold up more load, and can be used for a variation of stuff.

In addition, they’re a very budget-friendly option that you can buy in stacks, so you can keep surpluses if you need to add on to your storage and organization options as your cleaning mission progresses.

Slat Walls PanelOpens in a new tab.

This helps you in maximizing your garage walls, it does this by giving you a mixture of hanging extensions. 

Floor plans

Identify what you want to use your floor space for, this will help you in organizing your garage. 

If you park your car in your garage, you will need enough space for getting in and off the car.

If you use your garage, as your workplace, you will need enough space for that too.

Some of us use our garage for work out, so you have to create space for that too.

Using the following can help you free up the ground;

Use bike racksOpens in a new tab.

These are installed on the ceiling and used to hook bikes and keep them off the ground.

Buying a bike rackOpens in a new tab. that keeps your bikes upright can help you gain back some space to add in all of your other managerial tools as you clear up space in your garage.

Use shovel racks

Use these to store shovels and the likes off the ground.


Use cabinets to store your items.

  • Base Cabinets – this cabinet has different units for storing things and you can also use the base for something else.
  • Garage storage cabinetsOpens in a new tab. – this is a tall cabinet with different storage units, neatly organize and store your items in it.

Storage of items

You definitely want to store your items in a way that it will be easy for you to access them.

  • Frequently used items – Store your frequently used items close to the door.
  • Bulky items – Store your bulky and rarely use items/stuff in the back

How to Declutter My Garage Quickly

Decluttering a garage can be very tedious and overwhelming, it can even take a whole weekend or more than one day, counting on the size of the garage and the items inside it.

Here is how to declutter your garage real quick;

  • Have a picture of how you want your garage to look like. You can either sketch it or print or have a soft copy of it, either way, take it to your garage and keep glancing at it while you get to work; taking everything out. This picture inspires you to keep going.
  • Divide your garage area into sections and start from one section. Take a break when one section is completed and continue to the next section. This helps you to think less and work more.
  • Keep garbage bags around you, where you can easily toss items that you want to trash.
  • Also, keep clean storage bins around you where you can toss in, like items, this will help you when you start organizing your garage.
  • Music – you can also put on music as you work, it takes your mind off the work.

Cleaning Tips For Your Garage

This easy garage cleaning tips will help you clean your garage in a short period of time;

  • To get rid of motor oil stains use dish soap, and a scrub brush.
  • Get rid of molds using diluted vinegar or bleach.
  • To clean the garage walls from top to bottom use a sponge mop.
  • Dry the wall with a mop that has a microfibre cloth attached to itl.
  • Use a floor fan after mopping to speed up the drying process of the concrete floor.

How to Keep Your Garage Dust-Free

The garage seems to easily get dusty, this is because of the many items dumped inside it, some of this dust comes from constant sweeping and some comes from outside as we open and close the garage wide doors.

There are several ways to get rid of this dust and keep your garage relatively dust-free.

I know you want to know that, let’s go then!

  • Firstly, thoroughly sweep your garage and vacuum all surface
  • Check the floor, if your garage floor is concrete ensure that there is no crack. Seal up any crack on the floor.
  • Check your doors, windows, and wall and also seal up any crack.
  • Make sure to always clean your tools before storing them away in the garage
  • Use bins with lids for storage and ensure that they are properly closed.
  • Install an air filtration system if you can in your garage, especially if you use your garage as your workspace. This helps in clearing the air.
  • Check your AC filter and clean it out if it’s clogged. When the filter of the AC in your garage is clogged it makes your garage dustier than it should be.
  • Use old rugs to cover the concrete floor of your garage. Cover the walls with plywood or something smooth, it’s easier to free dust off a smooth surface.
  • Dust your garage weekly. This prevents dust from accumulating. Don’t sweep, instead use a wet cloth to dust the surfaces, as sweeping spread the dust to different parts of the garage.
  • As mentioned earlier, some of the dust comes from outside, when we open and close the door, to control this, make sure the driveway to your garage is dust-free by using stones or concrete flooring.

You can get rid of the dust on a stone floor driveway by regularly watering it.

Organizational Tips For Your Garage

  • Make sure your organization prioritizes clear vision. 
  • Don’t try to work hard instead work smartly.
  • Keep some tarps close by, just in case it starts raining.
  • Invite friends, relatives, your spouse, or children to help you out, this will get the work done much faster, and it can be fun too.
  • Get all the things that you need beforehand, this includes all the organizational tools that you will be needing.
  • Track storage works best for storage soft items, like winter clothing or beach toys that you don’t need in the way.
  • Ceiling racksOpens in a new tab. are a more heavy-duty option for tools and weightier sports equipment, these can be very expensive. I suggest you get wall hooks instead.
  • Clean your garage regularly, to control dust, and keep your garage looking good always. Sweep and hose down the floors regularly to get out the dirt.
  • Save free floor space and remember to sweep it from time to time. 
  • Also, spray insecticides from time to time to repel insects.
  • Maintain your well-organized garage by keeping an empty garbage bag and a donation can in the garage so that you can easily toss items into them accordingly.
  • Store rarely used items in closets and cabinets.

What Can I Store in my Garage?

The garage is that one place in the house, where most of us dump things in, closes the door, and acts like it doesn’t exist. This is why most times the garage is messy and full of junk.

Let’s look at the things that can be stored in the garage.

Your Car and It’s Accessories

Like you already know, the garage was made for parking cars. Car accessories such as car cover, fire extinguisher, tool kit, seat cover among others should be stored in the garage.

Garden Tools

You can store all your garden tools such as trowels,  pruning shears, wheel barrow, shovel, rakes, water can, gardening gloves, boot, axe, pruning saw, garden fork and cultivator in the garage, just make sure they are properly cleaned after use, before storing them.

Outdoor Recreational Items

Outdoor recreational items such as bikes, rackets, boots, fishing line and nets, coolers, flashlight among others can withstand the changing temperature of the garage.

Christmas Decorations

This is one of those things you rarely use, so you can store it in your garage and bring it out for use when it’s needed.


You can store coolers in your garage but remember to dry the inside very well before covering and storing it to avoid mold growing inside the cooler.

Sports Equipment

This includes soccer balls, tennis balls, volleyball, basketball, boots, helmet, racket, boxing gloves among other equipment.

What Should I Not Store in My Garage?

Let’s take a look at things you should not store in your garage no matter how suitable it appears.

Propane Cylinder

This is usually used for cooking, water and space heating.

It is advised by Propane council to never store a propane cylinder in an enclosed space such as a garage. (

Fresh and Canned Food

The natural condition of a garage makes it very unsuitable for storing foods. Some garages are damp while others are hot naturally and both conditions are not good for your canned foods, as they can either cause the tin can to rust or spoil the food.


Items like wine are very sensitive to temperature changes, and the continuous changing of the garage temperature can cause them to contract or expand, which leads to oxidation.


The high temperature of the garage causes the refrigerator to overwork there by increasing your utility bill.


This is because sometimes firewood comes along with pests that can enter your house from your garage.


You’d better give out your used electronics rather than store them in the garage. The hotness of a garage spells doom for electronics.

Clothing and Bedding

 There is a very high chance for your clothing and bedding to be infected with inspects and car fumes in the garage, so keep them away from the garage.


The temperature of the garage tends to be extreme especially when no control system is installed. This extreme temperature can either gel or separate the paint, even if it’s closed.


Store your paintings in a cool dry place and trust me, your garage is not that place.


It’s really feasible to organize and refurbish your garage on a tight budget. To do this, you must have a speck of imagination and plan adequately, so as to gather everything together and organize a beautiful garage.

There are a lot of cheap items that you can purchase online, at your local market, or even at a dollar tree, to easily help you with your garage cleanup. You can also reuse what you already have.

You can use some of the ideas discussed in this post to organize your garage today. These ideas are easy and budget-friendly.

Let us know which one you used and how it went.



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